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Since ancient times Hmong people as been around. So what is Hmong? Are they Chinese or Mongolian? Most people think Hmong are either Chinese or Mongolia For example the word Hmong is very similar to the word Mong in Mongolian. Another reason is because they resided in China. So where do they come from?
The Hmong people go back to ancient China during the “Three Warring States.” The word Hmong comes from a group of tribes forming together meaning “Freedom People.” The tribes were known as Juili. The Juili Kingdom was established 5785 years before the Three Warring States. The Hmong people lived in southern China while Chinese lived in northern eastern China. Hmong people are consisted of 18 last names also known as the “18 clans.” The listings of the 18 clans are Chang, Chue, Cheng, Fang, Her, Hang, Khang, Kong, Kue, Lee, Lor, Moua, Pha, Thao, Vang, Vue, Xiong, and Yang. Each clan is unique and follows a certain tradition or believes. They also assist in assistance within the clan and helps dissolve dispute among the other clans. The language of the Hmong is considered a lost language too many people. The language has existed in southern china for almost 2 thousand years now. There are two dialect languages, they are known as Hmoob Dawb (Hmong White) and Hmoob Leeg/ntsuab (Hmong Green). It’s very similar to the American languages and British Languages. If you notice how British have an accent. It is
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The Hmong won all nine battles, but lost the tenth battles which dramatically decrease it population by 70%. As time progress Chinese and Hmong have been consisting been at war. During the Ming Dynasty all written history of the Hmong has been lost and burned. Recently, researcher accidently found some Hmong temple, hidden documentations and remains. Along with the Chinese historical books; Researchers are slowly putting the history of the Hmong together. Hmong are a very ancient people with a unique background, history and

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