Hmongs In Vietnam War

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One fourth of the way around the world, away from Darfur is a similar problem concerning the Hmongs. Hmongs have resided in southern Asia for ages. They have done many great and if America wins, they would be responsible of building schools and sending teachers over to educate the Hmongs’ way of living. If America loses the war in Vietnam, Americans promised to welcome Hmong people over to America to escape any further harm or problems. Not many people know about this promise, but Hmong parents remind their kids everyday that if their children were to go to school and have racial discrimination against their language or culture, their children should remember the great things they did for America and challenge the saying that Hmongs should return to their homeland. It was because of this war that Hmongs have made many enemies in the Laos and Vietnam region. Many Hmongs are receiving the fate of the people ofDarfur .…show more content…
The problem is similar because Hmongs are hiding in the deep jungles to escape and get away from harm’s way. That is not a way to live. Living in a fear of death is not very pleasant. Many Hmong men would get castrated as a symbol that Laotians do not want there to be anymore Hmongs in the world. After the castration, they would shoot the men to death. For women and children, one can only imagine where the similarities lie between Darfur and the Hmong genocide. A few people are writing letters to the government to stop this insanity, but they are mostly Hmong Americans. There was a Long Walk For Freedom that took place in

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