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Raven Tracy
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January 12, 2016 Ho Chi Minh Many people don't know who Ho Chi Minh was or is. If you think about it he did a lot while he was alive. like what he did in the war and before and after the war well there was no him after the war. Ho Chi Minh did some things during his early life. Ho Chi Minh was born May 19, 1890 . according to History.com Staff He was born with one brother . His brother never liked him but they did everything together .He also went to school in his childhood. Acoording to History.com s states that he was able to go to school because him and his family grew up in a g called Kim lien in vietnam. he also made little friends as a child he only made one or two. Nguyễn Sinh Cung was his birth name but he changed it when he was older to Ho Chi Minh. To explain History.com staff writes that he changed it once he was in the war and then people started calling him uncle ho. His father was a
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For example he killed innocent people. Acorrding to History.com staff claims he killed 6,000 people or more in cold blood. Once Ho Chi Minh got back to vietnam he rose up in power. History.com writes that after he rose up in power he started to lead a bunch of people later called the Viet Minh. these were the people that fought for Ho Chi Minh. They were named the Viet Minh because of the Minh in Ho Chi Minh .Ho Chi minh didn't win the war but neither did we. C.N trueman states that the united states backed out of the war and ho chi minh’s side took over south vietnam .Ho Chi Minh died in september. To explian History.com staff states that he died on september 2,1996. He died in Hanoi Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh died in his seventies History.com staff states that he died at the age of 79. He died of congestive heart failure smoking is what the people thought he died of but no one ever knows but most people think it’s because he was a smoker. Ho Chi Minh was buried on September 9,
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