Hoarding: Obsessive-Compulsive Disor

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Hoarding, what is it exactly? Hoarding is when someone becomes too attached to items or pets that they do not need, or collect items they do not need and it builds up over the years. It’s considered a type of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, (OCD) according to mental health experts.They also state two to five percent of the U.S. population shows a level of hoarding. This particular disorder can have a huge effect on family, friends, or spouses. Signs of hoarding can start at young age, usually in early childhood, and can easily progress with age. If not treated with counseling or therapy, many people who hoard can acquire death from accidents within the clutter, disease from health violations, and live a life of reclusion. In the 1990’s hoarding…show more content…
Its origins have been difficult to understand, which leads to difficulties in diagnosis and treatment. However, it’s very clear that hoarding syndrome can take over the lives of those affected by it. In severe cases, hoarders not only lose their loved ones but their lives as well. Which makes it that more important to focus more studies towards hoarding. For now the best treatment for hoarding is either a certain antidepressant or cognitive-behavioral therapy. Treatment often helps the person make more reasonable judgements when deciding whether or not an object should be thrown away or not. It also allows them to make choices to live healthier by downsizing their mess. So until we find better solutions to hoarding, We should continue to provide special counseling care to help hoarders cope with getting rid of objects that they feel are sentimental, but are actually a health hazard or junk. The risks of hoarding are well known, thanks to television documentaries about individuals who hoard. If hoarding did not have this kind of method of awareness, the dangers of hoarding would not be known, and those who are diagnosed with it, would not acquire the help they need. In fact, they would most likely feel that there is no problem and that the hoard has purpose. This particular health issue needs more than just awareness. It needs to be addressed to help those who need the wake up call, because their health and relationships are at

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