Kay Monologue

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Arguably one of if not his best sketch would be his hob nobs sketch from the tour that didn’t tour tour. “Do you ever dip your biscuit in your tea and it breaks? I swear to god no matter how old you get you never get over that and you panic when it falls in, there’s nothing you can do, you can see it happening, it’s like slow motion “he begins the sketch using emotive language to show how passionate he is on the topic which the audience can relate to as mentioned earlier a lot of them have probably been in that position. The whole sketch is based around his experience with dipping rich tea biscuits. He uses personification to describe the rich tea as “lazy” in comparison to other biscuits such as a Hobnob biscuit, in which he uses a metaphor to describe it as a ‘Marine’ and the ‘the SAS’ because of their better quality.
Kay’s style of
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He also uses language techniques very smartly such as triple emphasis for the sketch where he’s at a wedding, he compares it to “a sketch on Scooby doo” as he looks across the dinner table to see “bolevons, chicken legs, cheesecake” and then uses repetition to emphasise his point. Kay is very smart in his use as many comedians believe in the rule of three where if you say something in the pattern of three then it will become more memorable so the audience remembers the sketch better when they recall of the
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