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“Do What you Love” is a bad choice Almost every high school and college student is told to do what they love when they are older because they will be happier. Not all of that is true. If you do what you love, you might be happy while at work, but if you aren’t getting paid enough, then you may not be the happiest. You may not have nice clothes, a nice house, or any healthy food. While those things may not be necessities in a person's life they do bring people comfort and happiness as well. People don’t have to do what they love to be happy because you can achieve happiness by doing what you love after work hours, with the people you care the most about and want to spend time with. Even though doing what you love sounds like the best option,…show more content…
Whether that is playing sports, writing, painting, traveling or any fun activity that brings you joy and helps get your mind off stressful things. You might think that having a hobby or passion as your job is the best idea to stay happy, but it’s not. Jobs can become more fun if you push yourself to be great at it. In “Do What You Love? #@&** That”, Jeff Haden States “The more experience you have the more likely you are to love your work. Why? The more experience you have the better your skills and the greater your satisfaction in having those skills” (Haden). No job is easy at first, but when you start working at it, the job gets more exciting and can start to become your passion. Jeff Haden states that “Passion is something that will follow you as you put in the hard work to become valuable to the world” (Haden). Why should the one hobby that you love be treated like a job to the point where you get stressed about it because you start worrying. It could get to the point where you are only concerned about the paycheck. Seperate what you love and your job, because then when the job part stresses you out, you can go do your favorite hobby and all that stress will go away. Don’t put hobbies and jobs together because it will most likely stress you out, make you hate your job, and then you will have nowhere to turn to. Jeff Haden couldn’t have said it any better “You…show more content…
When doing what you love, the paycheck may not o be the best and it will may be a very minute amount. You won’t be able to give your family all of the extraordinary items that they deserve. When not doing what you love, the paycheck can be a lot more and you can be happier because of all the accomplishments. First of all, it might be hard to find a job that you love right away and for those people who do find one “the work will often be low-paying, with little in the way of long-term prospects” (McCoy). Other people will be waiting around trying to figure out how to make more money while doing what they love but the truth is you can’t follow passion. In “Do What You Love? #@&** That”, Haden states “Passion is something that will follow you as you put in the hard work to become valuable in the world” (Haden). Money is a vital need in today’s society and the customers that people will be getting someday, don’t care what your favorite hobby or passion is. All they care about is spending money and getting whatever they are looking for. When doing something you love you can still get worn out and tired from not getting paid as much as you think you should. Why not pick something that interests you and pays well, and then grow your passion in that career from getting good at it. In “Job Satisfaction vs. a big Paycheck”, Phyllis Korkki states that “Individuals with strong financial

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