Hobbs City Government: A Short Story

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Todd, Please grant me a moment of your time to express my disappointment over this event and provide further insight. And I am sharing this now as a friend (hence the reason for using my personal email), since you called me a friend on the phone the other night, and I 'm honored to be your friend and appreciate that you feel we can be friends. As a friend, please forgive the short novel. But we still hardly know each other and maybe its time I shared. Over a year ago while making arrangements to move to Hobbs, I was seriously injured. I don 't blame anyone. But understand that due to the communication breakdown within this Organization, I was never delivered funds or even given insight that they were to come, to help me move. The breakdown within the Hobbs City Government, left me with a job and yet left me to figure out how I would get here. But I 'm resourceful and live in a way…show more content…
Today, we had a staff meeting which I asked the guys to reflect on whee we’d come in a year. A lot of good things have come about through working hard and being diligent. This whole email thing was merely a tiny speck in the scope of the day as we were contending with radio issues again, working to knock out the PD web quiz, finishing a project for Leo and getting ready for the new GIS Tech. The response from Toby took me back but I decided in similar fashion to give detail to him as to why I did feel it was necessary. I’m not going to go into detail with anyone else that due to no one being diligent and going into detail for me upon coming to Hobbs, I might not have gotten hurt. That’s not a jab, but a very real circumstance brought about by the lack of communication and no one taking the time to give the attention to understand. Todd I was so very excited to come to work for you. I felt you were a man of character and would make a great boss. You seemed to care and seemed vested. I applaud your attitude and mindset on many aspects. But I question the genuine intent and

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