Hobby Lobby Case Paper

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The Hobby Lobby case is an interesting one. I agree but also disagree with the decision made. I disagree because it seems like a way to discriminate against women. The business is essentially trying to make the decision on what is right for that individuals body regarding contraception and if and when they want to conceive a child. “This ruling ignores the scientific evidence showing that the health security of millions of American women is strengthened by access to these crucial services.” (Carmon, 2014). But at the same time I want to say yes, because I would not expect a law to be passed that says Chick Fil A has to be open on Sundays since that would go against that companies religious beliefs. “A pro-Hobby Lobby ruling could have endangered not only Obamacare, but labor rights, gay rights, and women 's rights.” (Redden, 2014). The right to allow a business to deny paying for any type of birth control is what I see has come of this. But the main right it gave to a business is to be able to say no to anything they want based on being able to argue it goes…show more content…
Business should consider the fact that if they supply their employees with the insurance that includes contraceptives then these said employees would be happy. They wouldn’t have to look for work elsewhere where the business offered them what they were in need of. Employees wouldn’t have to feel like they are being discriminated against. Business can take decisions that are very important to individuals and turn it down or reject it on the simple fact that it goes against their belief. When going into business I would assume the owners would take into consideration that not everyone shares the same beliefs and that what applies to one may not apply to the next. The Hobby Lobby case is interesting because there are some valid points on each end of the case but at the end of it I see it’s the employers that get the short end of the
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