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The owners of Hobby Lobby Stores Inc., the Greens, devoted Christians and married couple who filed a suit back in November 26, 2013. This lawsuit was filed because of what the Green’s had to offer their employees in their health care agreement. Being devoted Christians, it is against most people’s belief to use contraceptives. As a business owner who is closed on Sundays and pays 90 percent more above the federal minimum wage, it 's safe to say that the Green’s mix their religious beliefs into their business and make sure there employees are taken care of. Out of 20 FDA approved contraceptives that are federally mandated, the Green’s had only objection to four of them. Those four contraceptives are the week after pill, the morning after pill, Plan B, and Ella. All these contraceptives are all forms of pills that help terminate a pregnancy. To the Green family they see these contraceptives as life-threatening drugs and do not follow their belief that life begins at the …show more content…

Hobby Lobby, I was on the fence about how I felt. I first completely agreed with the Green’s because it is their right to say no to something that goes totally against their beliefs. As the Greens believe that life begins at conception, these contraceptives are killing a baby in their minds and religion. They don’t think of it as a fertilized egg, they think of it as a little human being that they are paying for their employees to get rid off. For a department to mandate that is totally wrong. That isn’t something little that the government is making a business do. To the Greens that is a life or death situation. I can see how the Greens would feel like they are funding people to harm their bodies and their unborn child. I also feel like they are agreeing to 16 out of 20 contraceptives that they offer, so the Green’s are giving what they can to be reasonable. There are also other forms to prevent the use of the four contraceptives they won’t

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