Domino's Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

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Ecommerce practices in Hobbycraft
Hobbycraft is UK’s leading retailer of art and craft offering a wide range of products over a variety of different creative activities and nationwide retail coverage. The company ensures clear customer service propositions at the top of its homepage which help answers many questions a visitor might have. These messages remain even when exploring search results and product pages.
• Homepage
• ‘Click and collect’, an ideal way to tie up ecommerce and buyer’s presence at physical stores (the omnichannel). Buyers are given the choice to pick up their purchases where and when they like.
• Buyers will spend more to qualify for ‘Free Delivery’ threshold. A study by UPS, the world’s largest express package delivery
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Speed in execution is number one priority in quick service restaurant.
Domino’s is the world’s leading pizza delivery company and has the second largest share in carry out segment. Its ‘30 minutes to customer's doorstep’ commitment continues to be one of its critical marketing strategies and this explains why it has become one of the top ecommerce companies as such commitment requires multiple tech assisted enablers with clear and precise navigation.
Domino’s has combined its website and ecommerce into one in which customers can find out products information, promotion news, store location and finally, ordering meals. The simple ordering flow allows customers to order in 4 steps; register, delivery method, making order and checkout. The tab view for the food menu during the flow can perfectly present all the products from combo to a-la-carte. Each tab represents one of the food types and products are shown in either thumbnail or list view which customers can accordingly select.
Domino’s has a store finder application in which customers can enter the address they want the pizzas delivered and see if it is within the delivery area. Customers can then determine whether they want a delivery or carry out
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Domino’s Tracker has become an instant hit and a game-changer in the delivery world. The POS integrated ecommerce platform push the orders to the store directly without delay.
Apart from its website and mcommerce apps, Domino’s also introduced other enablers to make it even more convenience for customers. Customers have the option of ‘Dom’, a voice activated ordering system (using just a few words), switching on the Android Wear smartwatch, turning on Samsung TV or even driving a Ford while making an order using the car’s connected Sync system. The company had seen orders of more than 500,000 pizzas through ‘Dom’ within just 3 months of its launch in December 2014.
Increasingly, Domino’s is looking more like a technology company than a quick-service restaurant. These different options of ordering platforms are part of a process Domino’s likes to call its ‘Anyware’ program. The company also launched a simple ordering system that let repeat diners order the same pizza every time in just a couple of

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