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The Hobie Island Tandem The Hobie Island Adventure is one of the most popular choices for people who wanted a variety of boats to be combined into one. Upon its first release, people were fascinated by the fact that the single person kayak shaped boat could also perform as a paddle boat or a sail boat, depending on what they were up for on that boating adventure. The Hobie Island Tandem offers the same unique features, but it is doubled and allows you to go out with a partner. What is the Hobie Island Tandem? This unique boat has a square topped mainsail that can provide increased boat speed based on the wind speed around you. The rigging is made of carbon fiber and minimized the weight on board. In each of the two cockpits you will find, two high…show more content…
In the world of kayaks, typically people have a variety of choices. There are touring kayaks, whitewater kayaks, inflatable kayaks, and more. For some, choosing the right type is very difficult. With the Hobie Island boats, you have even more choices, but with it comes multiple boats in one. With inflatable or regular kayaks, you can paddle the boat. That is your only option. It is a great way to strengthen your upper body and you can see the rivers and stuff that many people cannot enjoy in regular boats. The Hobie Island is different, you can reach all of those hidden coves, but you have added stability for rougher waters and you can control it in a variety of ways. The paddles work out your upper body, the pedals allow you to work out your legs, and the sails allow you to relax. Why Own the Hobie Island Tandem? The Hobie Island is a touring kayak when the rigging is removed. This means that it is stable and comfortable. However, with the rigging attached, it can handle waves in the ocean and sail anywhere you want to go. It increases the stability that you have and the control that you need when in rougher water, but still keeps you comfortable, even on multiple day

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