Hockey Game History

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“I remember that game, because it was the most excited I have ever seen anybody get for a hockey game,” says Tom Viehman, a firsthand witness to the 1980 US Olympic team beating the unbeatable Soviet Union on the world stage of the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York. “Nobody thought that these college kids would even stand a chance against any team, much less the best team in the world.” They were just a bunch of kids in their early 20s, that had played against each other before in tournaments and exhibitions in the NCAA. There was some bad blood between a few players in the origins of the team, like forward Rob McClanahan and defenseman Jack O’Callahan got into a scrum on the ice, based on a college rivalry between the University Of Minnesota and Boston University in the national semifinal on March 26, 1976. Other than that, the team spent a whole lot of time together, and became close friends. Herb Brooks, the head coach, decided that the best strategy was to form the…show more content…
I can believe it was a hard time, just thinking about it.” says Tom, “Herb was literally the last player cut from the 1960 Olympic team just a few days before they left” Once they decided the final roster, they got the team on the bus to Lake Placid. Once they were on the bus, Herb gave one of his many inspirational speeches before every game. Of course, he gave one before the first game against the Swedes. This unfortunately led to a draw, 2-2. Dave Silk and Bill Baker got the goals. Herb felt they played well in their first Olympic game, and prepped them for the second game against Czechoslovakia which ended with a 7-3 victory. The first win for the US team in the Olympics. “The country was stunned, we had no faith that they would even tie Sweden. These were just a bunch of college kids.” They finished the group stage with a solid 9 points, tied with the group leaders Sweden. So, they moved onto the first knockout
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