Hockey Narrative Essay

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Hockey is a vicious sport. Hockey requires a lot of skill and talent to play. Hockey has also taught me just about every life lesson I know. Growing up I've always have had a close relationship with my dad. My favorite memory with my dad is watching Blackhawks games together. My childhood took place during the early 2000s during that time the Blackhawks we're going through a rough period as a franchise. The team constantly finished in the bottom of the standings and much of Chicago was boycotting the Blackhawks due to terrible ownership. My dad would never give up on the team despite all the issues they had. He would continue to buy tickets and jerseys in hope that the team would eventually get better. Ownership and fans had one…show more content…
Once the class kicked off I hit a couple of bumps in the road. Then the class got much more difficult. Starting second semester I hit a wall and seemingly tanked every assignment in the class. At the time my confidence was shot. I felt that no one had faith in me and I had no idea how to complete the obstacle. One day I realized I can pull off a comeback and be successful. I challenged my work ethic. I knew the only way I had a chance to revive myself in the class was to do virtually endless math problems which would take hours and hours of time. I looked at the challenge as a test to prove how bad I wanted to succeed. Once I started, I would be well up past midnight most nights doing math problems and creating a path to succeed. After about a month of my strategy I finally put myself in a position where I knew I had a shot succeeding and my parents starting showing faith in me again which was a huge confidence booster. During Finals week I studied math problems around four hours a day just so I didn’t lose my grade and all my work would be meaningless. I never quit on the challenge and earned a solid grade on the final. I succeeded in the class and proved that I can handle adversity even though at one point it seemed like I had no chance of coming back. Even though I didn't accomplish the ultimate goal of earning an “A” in the class I taught myself as long as I don’t give up and work hard I will succeed every
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