Stereotypes Of Freshies In Hockey

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In high school there are certain types of people that can be categorized into stereotypes. There are athletes, nerds, hicks, actors/musicians, and deadbeats. As an athlete I am with this group of people on a daily basis. Even within the athlete community there are different factions, especially in the winter, where athletes carry themselves a certain way. These factions have subtle differences from one another that comes from what sport the individual plays, whether it be basketball, skiing, wrestling, or hockey. Even these separate sports change how, the already stereotyped athletes, are viewed. Now, in the hockey community, all players tend to seem alike. Although, dwell further into hockey culture, people see that not all hockey players…show more content…
The Freshies are the opposite of the Heavyweights in the aspect of size, they tend to be small. Freshies are certified employees of the upperclassmen, as it has been that way for years. Freshies are required to pack other players hockey equipment bags on the bus along with the hockey stick bag, the tape bag, the sandwich making table and cooler, and other various items. Freshies do not know team customs but they learn quickly since they are penalized for it. The penalties include either a fine that is paid to team captain who will use the money to buy items for the hockey team, or they are blessed with the opportunity to sing the national anthem for the team during our team meal. They aren't the smartest kids, but eventually, in the next year they will be seasoned players who know what their role is and will have to deal with the upcoming Freshies just as the upperclassmen dealt with…show more content…
The Goalies are the most players on the team as they prevent the puck from going into the net. They play are large role in who wins or loses the hockey game. Because of this they are the most superstitious people in the locker room. This entails how they put on their pads and how they warmup before the game among other quirks. The superstitions they carry make them seem quite weird a little bit crazy, but the team loves them to death and relies on them to be prepared every game. On the hockey team there are different kinds of athletes in how they carry themselves and do their business. Some of these players can be considered to be certain types of players such as, the Heavyweights, the Freshies, and the Goalies. We are all different people but in the big picture we work together and we are a team. Without these people there wouldn't be a hockey team and the thought of that is

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