Hofstede Framework Of Cross Cultural Communication

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The theory of Hofstede says that the framework of cross cultural communication it’s described the effects on the culture of the society on the values of its members. Culture has been unclear in a many ways, Hofstede also says that culture as collective programming of the mind it is distinguished group or category of people from another. Also, he explains culture as the software of the mind and he identifies 3 aspects of human mental: human nature, personality and culture.
Trompenaas definition is a model of differences in national cultures that model, it’s included 7 areas that are used to identify how people from different nations and cultures are interrupted with each others. The 7 areas are 1: Universalism-particulars 2: individualism- collectivism 3: specific- diffuses 4: neutral- emotional 5: sequential- synchronic 6: achievement- ascription and 7: internal- external control. Trompenaas as I said, he define what culture hold and came up with this 7 dimensions, this cultural dimension will explored in consider with the effects of Hollywood films, Hollywood films are promoting a different aspect of culture to the world in many films that they have made. One of the films that had an effect in the world id the Air force 1 that film describe the ability of the US in the limitations of terrorism this had brought a view that government of US has a great power to fight the terrorism. Hollywood films also have a great effect on the economy of the US, also they have a great
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