Hofstede's Value Dimensions With Organizational Examples

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Hofstede’s Value Dimensions with Organizational Examples There are several value dimensions. The first dimension explains that the culture either focuses on the individual or the group (Vargas & Kemmelmeier, 2013). The organization focuses on the organization as an individual. The organization will make decisions that will reward the organization, and it may overlook other employees within the group. In order to reduce expenses, the organization reorganized the organizational chart, created more administrative positions, and eliminated departments and programs. This shows how the organization focused on itself and not how it would affect others in the group. Individualism is seeking personal outcomes and not worrying about the group or their loyalty (Pergelova & Angulo-Ruiz, 2017). The second idea is that the culture embraces the future, appreciates new thoughts, and dislikes structure, or the culture wants to avoid situations that will create the unknown (Dihl et al., 2017). The organization has a culture that wants to prevent uncertainty in situations, and in order to prevent this, there are many policies and rules that need to be followed so that all employees will behave the same. There are meetings on what is expected of employees, how to deal with certain situations, and what is to be…show more content…
If the organization spends too much focus on the organization as an individual, it could lead to employees leaving the institution. There needs to be a balance between focusing on the individual and the group. Interpersonal relationships are important in the functioning of an organization, and individuals are more inclined to promote the cause if they feel they are appreciated (Madlock, 2012). By having too many rules, regulation, and procedures, it could lead to a decline in productivity because every step is being micromanaged. If individuals are afraid of being reprimanded, they might not want to make a

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