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I worked at Hofstra Summer Camps last year, and I can honestly say that that summer was the best summer of my entire life. I spent the summer surrounded by alumni of the school which made me realize just how diverse Hofstra really is. I also noticed, while walking around the campus, that Hofstra is one of the most prideful schools I have ever seen, and I want to be surrounded by all of that, everyday. The sheer amount of activities the school offers, from sororities and fraternities, to academic interest clubs, I have never seen a school more well rounded in all aspects of student life. My uncle, who is an alumni of the school, told me the best years of his life were spent at Hofstra, and that made me realize just how much I wanted what he had. I want to look back and know that I picked the school most suited to me. Hofstra is a large, beautiful, and ethnically diverse school in which teachers actually care about their students. I had a chance to tour the Hofstra campus at one of the open houses and I was easily astounded by the size of the campus. I remember thinking to myself this is a school that takes pride in its presentation, this school takes pride in its students.…show more content…
As a hopeful biology major I’m looking for a school that can meet my needs as a student. Hofstra has an up-and-coming biology department that is said to be at the same level as ivy league universities. Hofstra has created programs specially designed to fit my every need academically. Not only that but students are given one-on-one attention from teachers, a trait not all colleges can claim, but Hofstra also offers its students an array of internships in their fields of study, preparing you for the real world more than a regular classroom

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