Film Analysis: A Toilet Is More Admirable

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A Toilet Is More Admirable
An admirable character is best defined as an respectable man who takes pride in his dignity and applies himself to his best ability in all situations. Now picture this, a young man of potential talent, whose family pays an extraordinary amount for him to go to a private school, and has a little sister that looks up to everything he does. The picture describes the prelude of an admirable character until the picture finally clears up and instead of seeing an admirable character, you see a young man who instead of excelling in school, drops out because of poor grades, lies to practically everyone including his family, and calls prostitutes to a hotel room using his parents money. Does this example sound like an figure
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A counter claim could be made that his efforts to make his sister happy were there, but Holdens execution of his attempts told a different story. In chapter 21, Holden decides to pay his sister, Phoebe, a visit to vent out all that he has been withholding from telling anyone. He tells her that he is getting expelled from his school, and the two’s personality seem to contrast as Phoebe is an excellent student in school and overall a girl with a bright future, as where Holden is struggling and doesn’t know what’s next for him. Holden begins to light a cigarette and when the two hear their parents walking into the room, Holden hides, and let’s Phoebe get chastised on smoking from her mom. ““Phoebe, have you been smoking a cigarette in here? Tell me the truth, please, young lady”… “I just lit one for one second. I just took one puff. Then I threw it out of the window.”” (195). Holden’s traits rubbed off on Phoebe in that instant, as she was lying to cover for him directly to their parents. Phoebe is a 10 year old girl, and Holden is not man enough to present himself as the culprit and instead encourages Phoebe’s actions by not stopping
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