Holden Caulfield Characteristics

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Catcher In The Rye Holden Caulfield is 16 years old, whose behavior throughout the book is like he feels excluded and also like he doesn’t feel the need to be in this world. He doesn’t express his emotions exactly, he likes to keep it to himself. He heads to his old school late afternoon when the school has a football game going on. He tries to reach his favorite teacher there, but he doesn’t want to be seen by everybody else. He goes to his class and he starts talking to him about his feelings. He explains to Mr. Spencer how he feels about something he needs some advice with. He tells him that he feels trapped on the “other side” of life. Holden is a strange teen, he smokes and drinks more than he sleeps. He’s always in bars drinking with friends.…show more content…
He also doesn 't apply himself to go to boarding school. Holden likes his little sister a lot. He’s always trying to talk to her about what goes on in his life because he refuses to go home and talk to his parents. Phoebe, his little sister sometimes doesn 't like to help Holden because he wants him to do better and start going to school and go home once and awhile. Holden rarely goes home because he lives in a rehab house. He doesn 't like his roommates because he thinks that his roommates are phonies, he also believes actors are phonies, he thinks they’re too good. Holden’s opinion about the Christmas show at the Radio City thinks it’s lame and also phony, “ the phonier it got, the more she

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