Holden Caulfield Personal Response

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Holden Caulfield in the story sounds very bitter and he doesn’t make good decision at all. Holden wasn’t focused enough in school because he was fluking in most of his classes and he got kicked out because of it. Holden was obsessed with girls throughout the story and when he got a date with them he wasn 't very nice. Holden to me is smart but he just doesn’t care about his future because being kicked out of Pencey really showed he didn’t care and i think he is an average character, in my opinion he sound like a middle aged man because when he would see a pretty girl he would always say I felt like marrying her right their. I feel bad for Holden because his brother died and when he wrought the story about his brother baseball mit, Stradlater didn’t like what Holden wrought because his assignment was being descriptive about a house or something like that so holden of course felt a little offended even If Stradlater didn’t know it was about his dead brothers baseball mit. Holden I feel in the book is a weird main character because his adventure wasn’t that special, he drank alcohol on multiple occasions and he was depressed about his life also he was very stressed about…show more content…
Phoebe is very intelligent and he is very good at dancing,Phoebe is the only reason Holden went that night his house to say hello to Phoebe and gave her a broken record not on purpose, he dropped it at the park earlier that night. Phoebe throughout the whole book was kind of an inspiration to Holden because he always talked about Phoebe in the book and how smart she was and how he loved her dearly. Phoebe same as Allie in the story(Holden’s dead brother) is a major character in the book because they both affected Holden in the story. If I meet Phoebe I would get along with her because she’s very nice and smart also Holden is very lucky to have her as his
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