Holden Caulfield Situation Analysis

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Reveals about situation: By stating that his favorite part about the museum was its consistency, Holden reveals that he prospers best when he is in a familiar atmosphere. In more depth, Holden liked the museum so much simply because it was constant and he knew what to always expect. In relation to his current self, Holden still depends on that consistency for comfort and reliability. This is why Holden cannot succeed at all of his schools. His constant failure is partly due to his character flaws, but it could also be because he is not comfortable in the new situations and environments. When he constantly flunks out of school, transfers, and does not have a familiar face, he does not feel stable, which is why he continues to fail. There is a repeating cycle of unfamiliar situations that prohibit his success and achievements.…show more content…
I seriously think that Holden is a very insecure person, and he does not do well when he does not have a strategic plan or some form of familiarity. I can relate to him in this aspect, not to the point to where I flunk out of school though. I feel like I do best when I am familiar with a situation or have a plan that helps me to set a goal. I feel like it is very hard to strive for something when you have nothing to strive
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