Holden Caulfield: The Character Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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Throughout one’s life it becomes evident very early on, that “nobody's perfect”. No matter the circumstances one is bound to need some sort of mischief in their life. This statement is also true for the following texts, whether it’s the subtlety of Catchers main character, Holden Caulfield or the obvious scheming ways of Odysseus in The Odyssey, tricksters play a crucial role in the plotline of the texts. However, being a trickster is not always considered to be a bad thing. It all depends on the intentions it is based upon and the way one goes about carrying it out. If both of those things correspond with inner kindness or positivity it is likely that the act will be perceived much better with less punishment also. The role of trickster characters throughout…show more content…
He, too, is often at a disadvantage and uses his own wits and control of language to survive in various circumstances. In some ways he follows the principles of an “underdog” with his somewhat depressing current status. The readers are usually “rooting” for Holden due to the given background knowledge of this kid. They are concerned for him and want him to succeed no matter what he does. On the other hand, Holden approaches his representation of a trickster in a more subtle and innocent manner. Unlike Odysseus, whose pride most always gets the best of him, Holden's only sense of demise is his immaturity. This downfall however demonstrates a more respectable connotation than the idea of total pride that Odysseus possess. However, despite a more admirable method of trickery, it is still trickery. Holden approaches his deception in a way which is harder to detect, he uses fake personas and stories to accomplish something a simple as a confidence boost. He even occasionally will deceive people for their own happiness not only for himself, whatta guy! In an instance where Holden is on a train with the kind mother of one of his “phony” classmates, he
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