Holden Caulfield Tragic Hero

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-Does Holden have a “tragic flaw” or is he a victim of society? The Catcher in the Rye, is a fascinating masterpiece of American literature. The story revolves around the main character Holden, a teenager who was lived a complicated stage of his life. However the book, consist of peculiar problems and unique thoughts that characterized the plot and the protagonist. It is a very peculiar character because it shows their negativity and depression which is showing how lost he is in life. An aspect which make the book special is the language is ordinary even vulgar and the continue alliteration, that broke any literary scheme. Considering this, Holden could be seeing as a tragic hero as a result of his goals and actions,…show more content…
Definitely, Holden fulfilled the heroic definition of Campbell, his main purpose is to protect children and prevent loss of innocence. Also his craving to be a "catcher in the rye," a person who wants to catch kids who come close to the edge of the precipice makes him a real hero. He is especially the hero of his sister Phoebe. He is "tragic" because he do not see beauty or meaning in life. During his life, he sees hypocrites and phonies persons, in the journey to preserve his innocence and not become another phony adult. Holden is an adventurous teenager with lots of potential but for its state of self inflicted mind progressively destroys his life. He could be considered as an usual hero, because he seems as a common person, but he had a unique story behind him. The boy had a firmly determination to conserve their innocences, his central objective of life. He also has a great number of adventures in New York. His perspective of life is different and contrary. -What is Holden…show more content…
What test and dangers does he encounter? Holden the unpredictable character of the book, undertook a journey full of adventure to New York. He found the indicated occasion to go on a journey to find some answers of life and some hidden characteristics his personality, to find the meaning of his life the way to be a "catcher in the rye". He appears that he knows what to do and what does not, but some things do not give the seriousness required, mainly in education. He had been expelled from many schools, recently Pencey. The hero’s journey started in Penn Station, where he went off the train. Then, he goes to Grand Central to appreciate the architecture and the history of the place. Another important area that he visited was Central Park. One of the main dangers of which Holden lived was in a hotel where the elevator operator offered a prostitute for five dollars and he desperate accept. Upon arrival the girl had a long conversation but Holden felt insecure and shy, all they did was talk about his thoughts. After the talks Holden pay him five dollars, but the girl said that now were ten dollars. He refused at first but the operator and girl, took the money from his wallet. One of the most dramatic parts of the story in which he lives several dangers, he could have been killed or beaten, multiple situations that could Holden
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