Holden Caulfield Transformation

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Through life you grow from a boy to a man or a girl to a women. You discover yourself in ways you never knew imagined. It is the begging of a journey to understand and evolve into the type of person you want to be. From J.D. Salinger 's, The Catcher in the Rye, Holden Caulfield grows up from the immature person he was to a respectable man. Throughout the book, Holden begins to evolve and understand the prospect of life of realizing and mending mistakes made. Holden truly only has feelings for Jane Gallagher, making him respect her privacy about sex. As he talks to Luce, he gets defensive about him using women and "talk about her that way" when she "[lets] you get sexy" with her. Because Holden thinks highly of Jane, it makes her special to him (Salinger 160). He acts as a mature person who wants to save himself for Jane because his morality making him a good person. Not as the type of boys who only want to have sex to get pleasure from it like Carl Luce. Holden thinks of sex as "a spiritual experience" where he can 't do it with a girl "[he] don 't like a lot" (Salinger 162) (Salinger 163). He needs to be with a girl how he has feeling for, not just a random stranger. This shows he don 't take advantage of…show more content…
Holden realizes the fallacies in his plan to run away in lighting him that it 's not so scary to grow up. Phoebe wanted to "[go] with [Holden]," but he made her stay by "not going anywhere" (Salinger 226) (Salinger 228). Holden realized that his plans effected someone other than himself who he cares about, making him not want to go. Because his sister wanted to go, he would be making a mistake because it concerns Phoebe. "I 'm going home" Holden said as he recognized what he would be doing if he actually ran away (Salinger 228). Phoebe helped him realized that he can not just run away from his problems, he needs to face them. Running away will not solve anything in life. He doesn 't leave because it includes someone he cares about, making him develop
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