Holden In Green Ink Analysis

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He's speaking to the narrator, at the beginning of the novel. This quote is significant because, as he wrote Stradlater's composition, he recollects upon how much he cared for his younger brother, and how affected he became. Because Allie was so brilliant, from being smart, to having "poems written all over the fingers and the pocket" of the glove, Holden portrays Allie as an extremely talented person, one that should not have died. Also, the fact that it is written "in green ink" shows how pure and innocent Allie was, contrasting to how corrupted Holden would have already been at that time, with green signifying the purity and cleanness of nature. This provides a source of his anger and rashness, as he may be affected by his brother's death. The extremely gentle tone, compared to Holden's usual diction, proves that he genuinely cared for his brother; when his brother died, he smashed his hands through multiple windows. This also links to how many teenagers, in the general transition from adolescence to adulthood, tend to act more angrily and rudely towards…show more content…
Spencer, to Holden, takes place near the beginning of the book, as Holden is bidding him farewell. It is a stern comment, showing how serious and straightforward Mr. Spencer is. It is significant because this "game" shows how Holden is taught to abide to the social norms, norms that include the higher class' dominance over the lower class. Furthermore, this shows how contrasted Holden is by this statement, due to the fact that he does not want to be unfair towards those with less wealth, despite how wealthy he is himself. Holden's refusal, his refusal to play "according to the rules," shows how unique but unstable he is, and how his many unethical or unnatural thoughts may originate from his transformation from a child, to an adult. This clearly shows the divide between childs, and adults, with children aiming to go against society, and adults aiming to live in unison with
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