Holden's Innocence

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Amid the activities of normal day society, the collisions and situations conferred has fabricated the personalities and thought process of each individual human being, and thus the encounters that arbitrarily shaped today’s society and with that represents the physical embodiment of the discrete people. How the effects entwined with everyday lives can be very shocking to even the most adventurous or exploration of people. Holden’s story is nowhere near the exception of these set base of rules of environments and drastic situations changing him as a character. Take past occurrences that helped contrive Holden as a person as he is now, “[I had] old Allie’s baseball mitt. I happened to have it with me, in my suitcase, so I got it out…show more content…
Holden decides to use the baseball glove of his deceased brother Allie to write a composition for Stradlater, and although Holden does point out he wasn’t exactly thrilled about it, the statement about him not only being unable to think about any other topic, but revealing his interest and liking into the contemplation of Allie’s poems and of his late brother himself, shows his immense care he once had and now has for the brother he lost. Throughout the book that event changed him severely, as it created the sense he needs to be a “Catcher in the rye”, or preserving the innocence of not only himself, but also of the children, who have yet to experience the corruption and evil transferred by the adult world. These events help shape this similar tone, as it represents a darker and intuitive thinking in Holden’s character arc, and when this can be represented through a past event, it helps present the commotion and inconvenience of affairs as something that can be either only a minor event that can be brushed off, or as something that changes entire life’s. How death can drastically change someone’s views is a phenomenon that eventually everyone is going to endure at one point, and the effects on the psyche can be predominant in any
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