Holden's Journey

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The story starts with Holden starting to tell you what happened to him to have gotten him in this mental institution in California.

Holden begins his journey at Pencey Prep, a boarding school in New York. It 's a Saturday and there 's a big football game going on and Holden decides not to go to. Following Holden to his history teacher 's house, Holden is given a stern talk to about his expulsion.

After the talk with Mr. Spencer, Holden heads back to his dorm room, where you meet Ackley, a student of Pencey Prep and Holden 's next door neighbor. Ackley isn 't the nicest of fellows, but he has a certain respect for Holden. Maybe it 's because Holden 's always bossing him around and calling him "Ackley kid" even though Ackley 's older than
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Later on, the prostitutes pimp beats Holden up for not paying his full amount.

Then Holden goes to Grand Central Station to have some breakfast and meets two nuns. These two nuns are very nice to him, and he gives them ten dollars for the heck of it.

Holden then goes and calls an old friend, Sally Haynes. He tells her to meet him to watch a show.

After the show, Holden and Sally go ice skating, where Holden tries to convince Sally to run away with him to Vermont. That they won 't have to worry about anything and that they 'd have a grand ol ' time. But Sally refuses and then Holden tells her "You give me a royal pain in the ass, if you want to know the truth."

Leaving poor Sally Haynes crying at the Ice Skating rink, Holden then travels to a phone booth where he calls up Carl Luce. Carl says to meet him at ten o 'clock at the Wicker Bar for a drink.

Having much time before then, Holden goes to see a movie at Radio City. He came in while the stage show was on with the Rockettes and the skaters carrying crosses and all.

After the movie, Holden starts walking to the Wicker Bar to meet Carl.

Carl eventually leaves for a date, and Holden is left at the bar getting massively drunk.

Drunk to the point of being unable to see straight, Holden
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Holden grabs his suitcase from the Grand Central Station and sleeps the rest of the night there on the benches. When he wakes, he starts walking to no destination and taking to Allie. Then Holden decides that he is going to hitch hike to the West where he 'll live as a deaf-mute so he won 't have to talk to anybody. That he 'd get a job at a gas station filling everyone 's cars up with gas and oil. But he wanted to say good bye to Phoebe first.

So he writes her a letter saying, "Dear Phoebe, I can 't wait till Wednesday any more so I will probably hitch hike out west this afternoon. Meet me at the Museum of art near the door at quarter past 12 if you can and I will give you your Christmas dough back. I didn 't spend much. Love, Holden".

So Phoebe meets Holden at the Museum and brings a big suitcase with her. When asked what 's in the suitcase, she says her clothes and moccasins and underwear. That she was going with him to the West.

Holden refuses to bring Phoebe with him and when she starts crying, Holden suddenly changes his mind on going.

Walking to the zoo, Phoebe and Holden then spot the carousel. Holden buys Phoebe a ticket and she rides the carrousel. While Phoebe 's riding the carousel, Holden just sits at the bench, waving back at her.

The book ends with Holden regretting ever told you any of his story. As the book says, "Don 't ever tell anybody anything. If
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