Holden's Suicide In Catcher In The Rye

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school.Since Holden finds it infuriating living amongst people with no sense of morality. Consequently,his discontent with school hinders the enrichment he wishes his life to encompass. Therefore, Holden’s objectives of school are not being accomplished. Holden foresees countless misery and restlessness in his future. Therefore, his depression and thoughts of suicide are enkindled by the emotional dissatisfaction he experiences at Pencey. Second, Holden’s reckless behaviour of excessive drinking to escape his problems also displays his depression. For example, after Holden’s heated argument with Sally, he fails to maturely resolve his problem with Sally.Instead, he decides to bury himself in alcohol. This is revealed when he states,“she kept telling me to go away and leave her alone, so finally I did… and left without her.…show more content…
This implies that Holden lacks the rationality within his actions, as he jumps to absurd measures to reduce his pains. Further, his methods are unconventional as they lead to his depressive state. However,Holden prefers to intoxicate himself to stray away because he is unable face his fears or the idea of desertion. As Holden acknowledges his cowardly characteristic, it reduces his sense of self,and the pain he experiences has eventually evoked his depression. Furthermore, this supports the notion that
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