Holden's Transition Into Adulthood

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Holden must take what he has learned to make comprehensive changes in his life so he can succeed. Holden realizes he is an adult and no longer should participate in activities for children. “Go ahead, then–I’ll be on the bench ”(Salinger 211). The actualization formed here demonstrates how Holden has made an impact while trying to transition into adulthood. While some critics, such as Grace Gianni, suggest that Holden hasn’t made any progress in becoming an adult; reiterating pessimistic points of views on phonies without taking into consideration his actions (Goodreads). I disagree since Grace didn’t consider the pivotal stage of Holden eager to do better in school. While I will admit, Holden struggles to show progress because he displays…show more content…
Holden is eager to meet up with Phoebe one last time to say goodbye and return her money before he leaves the area. “I told her I was Phoebe Caulfield’s brother...please give her the note”(Salinger 201). Holden is able to convey he is will not be returning, but realizes he can’t leave due to the meaningful connection he has with his sister. Holden is eager support her and do “his job” of protecting her innocence, avoiding all bad language. Thousands of little kids..I have to catch everybody if they go over the cliff…,but that’s only thing I’d really like to be” (Salinger 173). Holden is eager to be a mentor to children because he admires the innocent view of life they possess, viewing most events are positive. He is eager to protect against the corrupt of innocence because Holden is able to rationalise the effects of maturing has had on his mental health. Subsequently, Holden is able to finally feel liberated and happy in the end of the novel feeling, genuinely supported by his family. “ I felt so happy all of the sudden”(Salinger 213). Holden was able to change his perspective and be able to notice the positive things in his life instead of just specifically negative events. Holden looks back on his time at Pencey Prep and was able to remember positive experiences with Ackley and Stradlater (Salinger 214). Holden feels a positive shift in his mood because he has began to overcome his black and white thinking he suffered with throughout the novel. Therefore, Holden receives a reward once he begins to change his outlook on
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