Holden's Use Of Phony In Catcher In The Rye

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Throughout the novel of Catcher In The Rye the readers can pick on Holden's way of thinking because it feels as if the reader is listing to Holden talk and thus this reinforces the novel’s themes. Themes like youth, phoniness, loneliness and innocence are present due to Holden’s use of character and the way he presents himself out in the story. Holden’s thoughts and diction reflect all of the themes in the story because his thoughts often become reality in which he puts out on himself. Holden is always complaining about people being fake to the point where it makes the reader feel like as if Holden is calling the reader fake.“One of the biggest reasons I left Elkton Hills was because I was surrounded by phonies” Holden views almost everyone as phoney. This shows that he is always skeptical and doubtful of trusting people which introduces the theme of phoniness. He is very selective on who he chooses to open up too, his thoughts on the world and people are always very low spirited. Holden uses the word “phony” almost thirty five times, this theme is very important because it shows that he has a…show more content…
In his eyes he values youth and innocence, he’s in love with the idea that children tend to have their own world that is much different than adults. Holden is very protective over the youth, almost too protective. Youth is Holden’s only golden treasure that he keeps close to him. “But while I was sitting down, I saw something that drove me crazy. Somebody’d written “F*** you” on the wall. It drove me damn near crazy. I thought how Phoebe and all the little kids would see it, and how they’d wonder what the hell it meant” His mannerisms and thoughts become very angry when he notices anything that will destruct the innocence. Youth is the only positive glow in Holden’s life, therefore he will fight and do anything in order to keep it
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