Holding On And Letting Go Analysis

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The author Eric Hanson reminds me to prioritize my happiness and let go of things that are making me gloomy through the character in the poem ‘Holding on and letting go’. This text is about an individual who finds it difficult to discard the emotional attachment she has developed to the thing that is hurting her. The character mentions, “I always thought that holding on, was worth the pain it takes.” She has settled on sacrificing her own happiness most likely in fear of hurting someone or someone hurting her. But in the end, she makes a choice to put herself above the satisfaction of others and realize that positive things can come out of letting go. The negative connotations at the start of the poem made me feel helpless as a reader because the character seemed to be in a powerless struggle with her conscience. The negative connotations ‘blisters’ and ‘ache’ relate to the character’s thoughts constantly going…show more content…
This text brought out a protective nature in me as I desperately want to give advice to settle the heart and mind of this character. The line, “That slowly I’d become someone, my heart no longer knew” makes me imagine a person so small and fragile. I wanted to pose as the older sister that could protect the innocence and pure heart of this character. I felt so disheartened reading the first part of the poem because it made me think of alike individuals that are fearful of letting go of things that are making them miserable. I found this text ‘Holding on and letting go’ a life-changing, inspirational poem. It gave me a new perspective on life and how many people settle for the life they no longer crave. I realized that life is too short to waste time on people that no longer make me smile, or hobbies that I don’t enjoy because there will always be better ways I could use up my energy and time. The author made me realize that sometimes letting go is the best
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