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Two years ago, on a morning train from Bendigo to Melbourne, I read a story that would change the way I thought about love, life and family. A1995 Australian memoir called “Holding the man”, by Tim Conigraves. I had never read a story that made me foolishly laugh and shamelessly cry in front of a train full of strangers. When I heard this memoir was being adapted into a film I knew the impact it would have on Australian society and i knew i had to see it. When “Holding the man” was officially released at The 2015 Sydney film Festival it was being described as “An Australian Love story that defines a nation” The film was adapted to screen by Tom Murphy and directed by Neil Arm field. It’s a compelling and beautiful 15 year true love story…show more content…
I sat quietly while she watched her first ever gay sex scene. As she squirmed in her seat I could tell she was slightly uncomfortable, but eager to keep watching the love story unfold. When the film hit its most tragic moments, laughter in the cinema died down and was quickly replaced by sobs. Mum’s eyes were puffy and red when she turned to me and said “this sings so true to life being so short” Screen writer TOMMY MURPHY described the film as “A love story about time running out and to relish life, to live life to the fullest while you can”. Holding the Man is a story that has never been told before on Australian screens. What made this film shine are its outstanding performances. The film shows a beautiful ensemble of actors, both well established and newcomers. Starring Ryan Corr, Craig Stott, Anthony LaPaglia, Guy Pearce and Geoffrey Rush. The authentic and raw performances together with the iconic Australian music of the 70’s and 80’s will send viewers through a journey of time and emotions. I urge everyone to see this film; this film isn’t a gay love story or an AIDS story, but a story about LOVE. Whether you are gay or straight, mother or father, this film will strike a

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