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A 1998 young adult mastery comedy novel written by Louis Sachar, and all sow a novel who won the 1998 U.S National Book Award Holes a very interesting story about a corset poor boy who was always in the wrong place in a wrong time. The story started with a pair of sneakers foliage on the starring Stanley Yelnats the grandson to the no good dirty rotten pig stealing great,great great father Stanley yelnats the first, on his way home. The sneakers who fald weren't any sneakers it was the famous sweet feets sneakers who was don indeed to the home last kids and hi ended up in a Camp Green Lake. The place where the “bad boys turned up to a god boys” by digging holes in the dry desert.

By reading the book and see the movie, you could find many differences but also similarities like their names are all the same and the story line is
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No one is concerned by his accident except for Zero, who helps him up when he falls. But when I wrest the book Stanley is accidently hit in the back of the head with a shovel by Zigzag, leaving a big gash. Everyone acts concerned by his accident, and Mr. Sir bandages his wound.

If we play until forward antill standby arrived to capen I saw nearly difference from what it stood in the book, it was the same, Stanley ended up in the ms. sir office who was eating nuts as usual because he is spirit stopped smoking. Bought in the movie and in the book they had the same sitar: you are not in a girl camp!
We will forward to mis Pendanski who seemed to very nice out in the beginning bought in the book and in the movie, he welcomed Stanley in a nice and said you are not a bad boy if you did something bad in your life...

Return to the differences I noticed that Stanley's father wants to find a way to recycle sneakers, and he accidently created the Sploosh, but in the film, he only experiments with how to get rid of foot
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