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In 1998, Louis Sachar’s book Holes was published. In 1999, the book won the John Newbery Award. In order to win an honor such as the Newbery Award, a book must meet certain criteria and stand apart from all other books. According to the Newbery Award committee chairperson said “Holes is masterfully unified in character, setting, and theme. As timeless as folklore and as outrageously funny as a tall tale, "Holes" ultimately charts the heroic journey of two very real boys.” The reason, Holes is a distinguished book that stands apart from other books is that Louis Sachar uses a nonlinear narrative approach by layering multiple plots and settings on top of each other, uses real life situations with just the right amount of humor, and shows how friendships are formed from a bad situation.
Holes is about a boy named Stanley Yelnats, who is wrongly charged with stealing.
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There was actually a lake there. Kate Barlow was a school teacher that fell in love with an onion man named Sam. She later becomes an outlaw that robs Stanley’s great grandfather. She ran into a man named Charles Walker who is related to the warden of Camp Green Lake. Then chapter twenty-five, “There was a doctor in the town of Green Lake, one hundred and ten years ago,” this kept the story in the in the past. At the end of chapter twenty-six, the author used the sentence that said, “For the next twenty years Kissin Kate Barlow would be one of the most feared outlaws in all the west” (115). The story then in chapter twenty- seven the story went back to Stanly and the other boys in Camp Green Lake. Betsy Hearne wrote that “Hole is a smart jigsaw puzzle that young adults will want to read and solve n their own,” that shows how the book goes through different stories that are meant to be told in one

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