Holes Dialectical Journal Essay

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Entry One On page twelve of Holes, Stanley gets to the camp and meets Mr. Sir for the first time. Because the camp was so far away, both the bus driver and guard felt understandably irritated. In fact, the guard stated, “Nine hours here, and now nine hours back… What a day.” Stanley “felt a little sorry for the guard and the bus driver” for putting them through the trouble. This reminds me of how in the book Wringer, Palmer feels guilty about a mistake he made. When he is hiding his pet pigeon, Nipper, from the world who wants to kill him, he accidentally left one of Nipper’s toys in his room for the critics to see. When the town finds out about Nipper, Palmer is forced to give him away, which makes him unhappy and remorseful. This is like how Stanley made one mistake and ended up regretting it, as well as paying for that mistake. Stanley needs to think about the bigger picture and imagine what he looks like to the people around him. By doing this, he could he ended up in a lot less trouble. Entry Two…show more content…
When he was in the wreck room with the boys, all he was thinking about was the tube and what it could possibly be. In fact, he was thinking to himself, “It seemed so familiar, but he just couldn’t place it.” Stanley had to go on with life as he normally had, keeping his secret about finding the tubular object. This is similar to the book, The Giver, where the main character Jonas, has to go on with his normal activates without telling anyone he can see color. Both Jonas and Stanley should try their best to act normal and not draw attention to themselves. This is shown when X-Ray asks, “What’s the matter, you guys tired or something?” and “Stanley glanced uncertainly at Zigzag…” who also knew about the mystery object. I think it would be wise of Stanley to continue to act as normal as possible, otherwise, people will figure out that he is hiding
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