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Holes by Louis Sachar is a story about a guy named Stanly who was at the wrong place at the wrong time and got himself stuck in a camp called camp Green Lake. Camp Green Lake was in the middle of no were, it was nothing but dirt for miles and miles. He made some friends and had to dig holes everyday but one day he escaped and went on an adventure with one friend who escaped before him. The one thing a learned from Stanly in this book was to always be honest.
Stanly was walking along in the city one day and a pair of shoes fell on his head so he put them on but he did not know that they were Clyde Livingston’s new pair of shoes and that is when the cops came after him and arrested him for stealing a pair of shoes. He went to court and the judge gave him an option to either go to jail or go to camp Green Lake so he chose to go to the camp. When he got their Mr. Pendanski said look around but all Stanly saw was holes every were and Mr. Pendanski gave him a shovel and said the holes had to be five feet wide and five feet deep. He met some friends in his group named Rex or x-ray, Alan or squid, Jose or magnet, Theodore or armpit, Ricky or zigzag, and Hector or zero. They all had nicknames and decided to call Stanly caveman. One day caveman was digging his hole and found something it was a gold tube with a heart carved in it, he remembered that Mr. Pendanski said if find anything that looks valuable give to the warden so when he came to fill there water containers he let him look at it and they went to the warden with it and showed her she was not that impressed so she said u do not get the rest of the day off. She looked at Mr. Pendanski and said go fill up there water up
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I thought this book was really good because it makes you feel like your on the edge of your seat and the author did really good on telling it like your in the
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