Holes Movie And Book Comparison Essay

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Dangerous rattlesnakes and yellow spotted lizards are all found in the book and movie Holes. The author of this award-winning, Newbery novel, Louis Sachar, sold the movie rights to Disney in 2003. The movie more or less followed the book with just a few differences. Stanley Yelnets was sent to Camp Green Lake because he stole a pair of famous shoes. This comparison will consider the similarities and differences between the book and the movie Holes. The similarities start with the main character, Stanley, walking home from school when the famous shoes fall. He runs and is captured and sent to camp Green Lake. The book and the movie also also share the same characters such as X-Ray, Armpit, and Zero. Both also share Stanley’s belief that bad luck, from his no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing great-great-grandfather, sent him to Camp Green Lake. The story of Kissin’ Kate Barlow and the stolen treasure of Stanley’s great-great-grandfather ties in to Stanley and Zero running away and finding the treasure are told nearly word-for-word in the movie from the book. These are just a few of the similarities that are found in Holes the book and Holes the movie.…show more content…
Stanley weighs 300 pounds, but in the movie he is very skinny. In the novel they do not mention that Barf BAg is bitten by a rattlesnake until Stanley arrives, but in the movie, he is bitten first thing. Another difference is that Magnet did not steal the sunflower seeds from Mr. Sir’s truck. Also, Mr. Sir did not get slapped with rattlesnake venom nail polish in the book. And finally, the conclusion differed in that the book ended with Stanley and Zero going home but the ending of the movie showed Stanley and Zero spending the money and Zero searching for his
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