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Holes by louis Sachar is a really interesting novel of Crime, punishment, and Redemption. Stanley Yelnats the main character is unjustly Sent to Camp Green Lake. Camp Green Lake is a detention center for boys, where they build character by digging holes. Through the influence of Zero’s friendship, Stanley changes from an overweight, weak,& timid boy, to an in shape, strong, & bold. When Stanley arrived at camp green lake he was overweight, weak, & timed. For the same reason, he is always being teased by the kids from school. nobody respected him and the statement “ even his teachers sometimes made cruel comments without realizing,”(7) proves that at his old school nobody accepted the way and size Stanley was. As well as being overweight,…show more content…
The adventures in the a variety of trials, Stanley had to change to become a confident he was shaped into a strong and bold young man. Stanley eventually shared his thought with Zero, of going back to Camp to find treasure. “He wished it were true, but he knew they had no choice but to eventually return To Camp Green Lake,” (185) that quote proves how much more bold has become, He had gone back to camp green lake, while trying not to wake up the others, and dig up the treasure in success. Although didn’t go the way stanley and zero thought. The quote “ all he knows is that he 's last week, and digging has become a little bit easier.” (131) STanley at the end of the book is like totally different person. He has really gotten in shape from all those dug up holes. Even later in the book he explains “his strength Came from somewhere deep inside himself and also seemed to come from the outside as well.”(170) Stanley 's Character shows that his ongoing determination challenge his Inner Strength. On the first day of hole digging as well. After being weak and timid even stand up for your weight, for yourself, to meeting a person can turn you more loyal, Bolder and stronger turns you into a good boy, not digging holes. Sanley 's curse and Friendship, helped him build his character. If he hadn 't gone to camp, he would have never met Zero. He wouldn 't have became the shape of a strong and bold individual. He finds a suitcase with his family 's contents value for a 20,000 dollars, None of that would have happened if he haven 't gone to Camp Green Lake. His father invented a powder for foot odor. His family took multiple, positive changes, and things finally turned around for the Yelnats, as destiny once again proved that we are all here for a reason and the hard part is to figure out what
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