Holes Stanley Character Analysis Essay

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EA 3.2 “Stanley was somewhat dazed as the guard unlocked his handcuffs and led him off the bus.”(page 11) This quote is from the book Holes by Louis Sachar. Stanley is the main protagonist in this book. In the beginning Stanley was shy, overweight, and insecure, but by the end he is outgoing, fit, and secure. At first, Stanley was shy, but after being accepted he becomes more outgoing. In the beginning Stanley doesn’t talk, but instead shakes and nods his head. Stanley also doesn’t talk until the fourth chapter. After Stanley was given a nickname, he became more talkative and closer to the rest of the boys. Stanley not only changed on the inside, but as well on the outside. In the beginning of the novel, Stanley was overweight, but after digging holes he became fit. When we first started reading, Stanley says that his teacher had once compared his weight to the smallest kid in the class, and that he had weighed three times the other kid. After about a month at Camp Green Lake, Stanley says that he had probably lost about five pounds. Towards the end of the book, Zero and Stanley get trapped in a hole along with multiple yellow spotted lizards that could kill either of the boys in a…show more content…
“He glanced helplessly at his shovel. It wasn’t defective. He was defective.” (page 27) This shows that Stanley believes that he is worthless. “...Stanley weighed three times as much as the other boy. Mrs. Bell wrote the ratios on the board, 3:1, unaware of how much embarrassment she had cause them both.” (page 7) This quote shows that Stanley is insecure about his weight. Towards the end of the book, when Stanley begins to lose weight, he doesn’t seem embarrassed when people point out his weight or how big he is. “Go ahead Stanley,” he said “Hit him back. You’re bigger.” When people continuously point out that he’s bigger Stanley doesn't seem fazed. Stanley has changed on the outside as well on the
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