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Character Analysis Essay Are you cursed? In Louis Sachar 's Holes Stanley Yelnats lives with a four generation old curse originally placed on Elya Yelnats by Madam Zeroni. She made a deal with Elya, that she would help him win over the girl he loved by carrying a pig up the mountain every day, but on the final day he had to carry Madam Zeroni up the mountain too. Of course being selfish made him forget and he left for America when things didn’t go as planned and forgot about the deal. When he reached the shores of America he remembered but it was too late. In the beginning of the novel Stanley is bullied, alone, and weak, but because of Camp Green Lake and Zero, he becomes brave, social, and strong. In the beginning Stanley was bullied, lonely, and weak. On the last day of school his teacher taught ratios, he was chosen as heaviest kid and was weighed along with the lightest kid. The ratio between the two was 3:1. This shows that he was bullied because of his appearance, his weight, and he didn’t do anything about it. The story states, “He…show more content…
“A big smile spread across Zero’s face.” When Stanley agreed to teach Zero how to read and write was when the new friendship started forming. Stanley went after Zero knowing he was risking his life and Zero might as well be dead and he understood he was as good as gone as well. Stanley went after a criminal kid who he didn’t know who was likely dead to save him. This was a very big part of their friendship and showed the long hopeless stretches he’d take for a friend. Zero had been constantly stopping on the way to their destination with aching pain just enough that he couldn’t climb the mountain, so Stanley decided to help by carrying him up the mountain, which broke the curse. They, at this point if not already, they became true
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