Holes Stanley's Friendship Quotes

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“It’s amazing. Life changes very quickly in a positive way, if you let.” (Lindsey Vonn) The quote shows how Stanley let Zero guide a change in him. Through the influence of Zero’s friendship, Stanley changes from poor and unloyal to being wealthy and loyal. Stanley has gone through many changes throughout Holes. In the beginning of Holes, (Louis Sachar), Stanley was not the best person. He was a poor, fat, and unlikeable person. In Holes it says, “He was the overweight kid and the kids at his middle school often teased him about his weight.” (Sachar 7) This represents how Stanley was the fat kid in middle school. He never really fit in with the other kids. Also it says, “Stanley and his parents had tried to pretend that he was just going to camp for awhile, like the rich kids.” (Sachar 6) The is showing how Stanley’s family wasn’t filled with money. Stanley’s dad was a…show more content…
First, Stanley says in the book, “I was to happy asleep.” (Sachar 186) This is showing how Camp Green Lake makes Stanley a happier person, and him enjoy life more overall. Also, it says, “He liked himself now. He wondered if he was delirious.” (Sachar 186) This part in the book represents how Stanley is more proud of himself, and is less miserable. Lastly, the book said, “He and Hector thought they had become millionaires. But the jewels were a poor quality, worth no more that twenty thousand dollars.” (Sachar 230) This shows how Stanley and his family has become more wealthy than before he went to camp. He is able to afford more things now. At the end of the book you can see has changed in many ways, like becoming more rich, proud, and happy. After reading Holes, the reader can see how Stanley has changed internally and externally. At the beginning of the book Stanley was fat, poor, and disappointed in himself. Through the influence of Zero, Stanley has been more happy, stronger, and
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