Holes By Louis Sachar Summary

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Summary of Holes: Camp Green Lake is a juvenile detention center in Texas. And although indicated in its name, there is no lake there. Those unfortunately condemned, are to spend their everyday digging up 5 feet holes of 5 feet in diameter in the dried up lakebed. The Warden and counselors at Camp Green Lake reason out that they do so to build character and break off their criminal habits. Stanley Yelnats (whose name is palindromic), a boy who always seems to be in all the wrong place at all the wrong time, finds himself brought to Camp Green Lake after being accused of stealing a pair of sneakers from a famous basketball player. Although actually, the sneakers had just fallen out from the sky and landed on top of his head. Stanley believes his bad luck dates back to his great-great-great Grandfather, Elya Yelnats. Elya Yelnats was…show more content…
His storyline idea came from the initial inspiration of the scorching summer heat in Texas. And from there, it gradually developed. The mood of Holes revolves around hardship and confusion- the characters often struggle with issues they do not have full knowledge of. Stanley did not know where the sneakers came from or what was to happen to him in Camp Green lake, but had to endure the miscarriage of justice anyway. As for the tone, the narrator of the story seems dependable, but often infiltrates irony and dark humor. Many of the statements made also require the reader to make his/her own inferences regarding the subject matter. On the other hand, tenses often shift from the present to the past in Stanley’s life, Kate Barlow, and of Stanley’s great-great-great grandfather. Holes exposes one to the predominant theme of how fate and history easily impact everyday life- from the moment the sneakers landed onto Stanley, his exposures to his previous hapless circumstances, and how ultimately he finds himself to be in the right place at the right
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