Holiday Cirque At Mystic Lake Casino Analysis

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I attended the attraction Borealis a Holiday Cirque at Mystic Lake Casino, late November with my family. Borealis was conceived and directed by Fernando Quevedo of Q productions in Las Vegas. The all-new show follows the story of one person’s search for the perfect gift. The journey leads to Borealis, enchantress of the Northern Lights who- along with a cast of colorful characters- helps uncover the meaning of Christmas. The hologram system the productions used is second to non, the music was all original and epic in scale, and the performers are at the top of their league. They show was incredibly unique and did a great job celebrating the magic of the holidays. While a bigger platform works well for the Cirque type shows, this was an excellent use of the area to display the always-entertaining Cirque show. Plan for magical, high flying, comical, and mystical mixture of talents on the stage at any given time. Borealis a Holiday Cirque features aerialists, jugglers, acrobats, gymnasts, dancers, hand balancers, high wire artists, Russian swing performers,…show more content…
It was much different than anything I have been too. The two main narrators made this circus Olay act, even more entertaining by being humorous. A great deal of times these two narrators made almost the whole crows grin and chuckle. For my family and me, we could not stop smirking or laughing the entire time. What else brought uniqueness to this performance is that they got people from the crowd involved in a couple instances. For example, about five people from the audience were asked to throw rings in stage and make it around an elf’s neck, which was entertaining to watch. Overall, you could see the enthusiasm watching this performance, and can tell that the staff loves their job; Borealis is something I would go to
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