Holiday Destination Importance

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There is a vast quantity of holiday destinations around the world and some of them are quite interesting, Stockholm, for example, is a very peaceful and interesting place to visit. It has all of the qualities a good holiday destination needs, but before going there, you might want to research more about it. Researching a holiday destination is beneficial because you will learn on the destination and you will know what to do and go there. This essay will be covering Stockholms attractions, history and culture, requirements every good destination has. Learning about Stockholm’s attractions make you open-minded and excited to go there. There is a countless number of attraction in Stockholm. From historic locations to parks and amusement parks,…show more content…
People there like to chill, the food is looks tasty, and there are many annual events. Knowing about the culture will make you open-minded because then you will learn that there are other good things outside your comfort zone which is your home city. Many of people in Stockholm have a café life, meaning that when they are not home or at work, they go to a café to meet family, friends, do businesses, using their laptop or phones, etc. Learning about this can make you open.minded because you will know that people from around the world like to drink coffee and relax ( There are many traditional dishes in Stockholm. Some traditional dishes include Raggmunk,Wallenbergare, pancakes with pea soup, Gravad Lax and many more. These dishes sound really exotic, but in reality, they are similar to the food we normally eat (Akerstrom). Many people in stockholm enjoy annual events. One of the most popular event in stockholm is Sweden's national day, also called nationaldag. It celebrates Gustav Vasa’s election as king of Sweden on June 6 1523 and the adoption of a new constitution. Many people enjoy taking a look of the royal family in their costumes, visiting museums, and many other things (Dacey). Learning about Stockholm’s culture makes you open-minded because even though there are many weird and different things, you should always try

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