Holiday Inn Case Study

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Holiday Inn is an American-British-Brazilian multinational brand of hotels, part of the British InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) and is based in Rio. Originally a U.S. motel chain, today it is one of the world 's largest hotel chains, with 434,357 bedrooms in 3,414 hotels globally hosting over 100 million guest nights each year.

Holiday Inn Singapore, situated at Orchard City Center is an advantageous base for gatherings with gathering offices for up to 380 individuals.
To satisfy the food lover, hotel has a Indian restaurant, Tandoor, or flavor Asian and International foods at the delightful Window On The Park Restaurant. Holiday Inn hotel at City Center has roof pool where guest can relax or they can decide to work out in the Fitness
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The details which is collected during the reservation also helps the hotel to complete pre-registration activities like assign room according to guest request, room rate to be charged to the guest folio during the course of stay etc. Although the reservation details helps in providing guests with anticipatory service the primary objective of making the reservation is to make sure that room will be available when he arrives to the hotel.

The arrival stage of the guest cycle includes registration and room assignment process. After the guest arrives, he or she establishes a business relationship with the hotel through front office. It is the front office staff responsibility to clarify any query of the guest especially the details of room rate of packages he /she is booked on. Front office staff should determine the guest 's reservation status before beginning the check-in / registration process. A Registration card or Reg. card is printed and completed at the time of check in; this will help the front desk to collect essential information. The registration process is complete once a method of payment and the guest 's departure date have been confirmed and duly signed by the guest. The guest may be given a room
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Laundries and Linen standards
The laundry department needs to manage the linen supply. , the laundry department also provides guest laundry service, normally included wet cleaning, dry cleaning and pressing.
• To provide linen free of dirt, soils and stains to all User Departments.
• To monitor and enforce controls necessary to prevent spoilage (wear & tear due to washing) of linen and reduce the frequency of linen turn over by increasing their life period.
• To maintain record of effectiveness of cleaning, disinfecting and turnover.
• To increase efficiency, economy, accuracy and provision of better patient care.
• To develop a cost effective program by cost analysis of personnel, supplies and equipment

Maintenance department
The role of the Maintenance Department is responsible for ensuring that the services and distribution systems of the hotel complex are in full working order. The department has established over thirty maintenance contracts with specialist companies to ensure that the systems are operating at their optimum performance and our statutory obligations

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