Holiday Inn: Porter's Five Forces Of Industry

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Holiday Inn is a world wide chain and its international functional strategies will always yield profitable returns. The potential customers are from all over the world. It has been noted that the holiday inn company has given the market such as Europe, Asia, America with regards to their social-cultural needs. Holiday Inn, like all other hotels has established a good system in determining the needs of the market. The company uses the concept of product, personality, behaviour of the customer and purchasing to its advantage. Social Growing competition and capacity amongst airlines, lower air fares and more relaxed travel restrictions in many regions have made international travel a viable option for an increasing number of people coming to…show more content…
The Five Competitive Forces of Industry will influence prices, costs and investment (Porter, 1980). The potential retaining of customers, profitability of a holiday inn can be determined by being aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the hotel industry. (Figure 2.2: Porter’s Five Forces Model (Source: Adapted after Porter,2008) Porter’s 5 model helps in success of Holiday inn between suppliers and buyers. Giving customers the service they are looking for, acquire customers, retain customers and looking externally how the competitors are doing is very important. To ignore the power of customer relationship is not an option. This model is considered as the most potent and useful tool and is widely used by organisations. This model deals with external factors that influence the nature of completion and internal factors how firms compete effectively to be more profitable. Porter’s 5 forces is used. Industry Rivalry : Porter (1980) reiterated that intensity of rivalry is dependent on number and size of direct competitors as numerous and/or equally balanced competitors may lead to intense competition. The rivalry for market share becomes intense when product differentiation and switching costs are…show more content…
By reducing rivalry, Holiday inn came with the strategy of delivering high quality revenues at a lowest possible cost. This has helped Holiday inn in maintaining customer loyalty and growing sales. It is not easy for a customer to switch to the competitor when they are loyal to a specific brand. Since Holiday inn is one of the best hotels, its competitors are represented by four stars lodging offering equally attractive product as the one Holiday inn is offering. Since Holiday inn hotel has so many competitors, and they offer equally attractive products and services, then the establishment will most likely have little power in the situation. Holiday inn uses switching costs by offering differentiated services like stay connected with free high-speed internet access, fax, photocopy services, extras like fitness centres, sport lounge, etc without going out of the
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