Holistic Approach Vs Osteopathic Approach

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Whenever someone sees a doctor, they automatically assume that they are medical doctors. Many people do not know that there is more than one type of doctors. This does not necessary include the field of doctors, but rather the type. The other type of doctor is known as a D.O., which is also known as an osteopathic doctor. I, myself, did not even know what a D.O. was. Also, I thought that D.O.s were beneath M.D., and that being a medical doctor was the highest level of achievement that one could accomplish in the medical field. In my previous paper, I talked about the difference between the holistic approach and the reductionism approach. My terrible medical experience made me think differently about what I wanted to get into and the way that…show more content…
It is the same as being a medical doctor. The amount of money that they both make varies on the fields that they are in. This included things such as being a surgeon vs being an internist. According to the American Osteopathic Association website, there is not much difference in the benefits that they receive. They both operate the same ways and is treated accordingly. The main difference is how they approach a situation, which does not affect their income. With that being said, it all depends on the area one wants to practice. Although the practice of osteopathic has been growing, they still have less schools than their allopathic contemporaries. One misinterpretation is that osteopathic doctors do not go to school for as long as an allopathic doctor does. (Status) Both doctors receive the same amount of education. With their being less osteopathic schools, most choose to schools for allopathic…show more content…
This is really interesting to me because back when I was having my back problem, I had no idea what an osteopathic doctor was. Also, according to the journal, “osteopathic physicians in the United States, unlike allopathic physicians, chiropractors, or physical therapists, can treat low back pain simultaneously using both conventional primary care approaches and complementary spinal manipulation. ….This represents a unique philosophical approach in the treatment of low back pain.”(BMC) This is really interesting to know. This means that they go more in depth on the issue, rather than trying to find other problems. Another interesting point was that they had ways to treat a patient using OMT, which is known as osteopathic manipulative treatment. (Survey Article) This is something that is commonly used by most osteopathic doctors. They ran a lot of tests prior to using the procedure to see if it will be beneficial. At the end of the test runs, they found this to be the best way to treat patients with lower back pain. They found out that OMT reduced a large significance of back problems. This is a very interesting compared to what I went through for my back. Perhaps, I should try going to an osteopathic doctor and receiving the OMT

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