Holistic Assessment Case Study

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Holistic Assessment- Mr. Eric (student’s spouse) Performing a thorough health assessment lays the foundation for any health provider to be able to provide effective and efficient care to patients. When performing a health assessment this allows the health provider an insight as to how to diagnose a patient, plan how to take care of patient, implementing interventions and evaluation the outcome of the nursing process in providing patient care. When a nurse performs a holistic assessment, it is simply an interview between the nurse and patient, which the nurse gathers information subjectively and objectively. With this information the provider acknowledges and addresses the physiological, psychological, sociological, developmental, spiritual…show more content…
Presents himself in a well-mannered behavior, Eric’s was very cooperative and exhibited a cheerful and upbeat demeanor. Affect was appropriate during interview and assessment. Copes with stress by talking to wife, parents, friends, but only about certain things because doesn’t want to worry family
Social Assessment Eric is a very sociable person, has never met a stranger, however once crossed wrong hard to forgive and forget. When home loves to spend time with family and friends. Fan of all sports, loves to shoot pool. Has never been a smoker or drinks alcohol. His profession has allowed him to travel to every state.
Cultural Assessment- (Subjective Date) African American male. Speaks and read English. Born and raised in Bryan-College Station, Texas, is an only child. View family is very important, and male should be provider for family. Believes that some sickness is caused and made by man intentionally.

Developmental Assessment No evidence of intellectual impairment or disabilities noted. Graduated high school. Graduated from Texas State Technical College with degree in Air Conditioner and Refrigeration in 1994. Attended ATDS Trucking School in 1996, obtained CDL drivers
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There are other health complications that truckers can experience such as mood and depression disorders and sleep deprivation. Therefore, it is so important that truck drivers have a good family support while being on the road. Eric now finds himself reading his bible, praying and talking to family and friends when he becomes stressed. Although, these are healthy ways to cope with stressors, one improvement he can make is learning to say “No” to brokers when they call trying to offer him loads. Eric can help prevent health complications from arising is by making sure he gets regularly check ups by his family physician. Making sure he’s getting adequate amounts of sleep, pulling over at a truck stop when his body gets tired. Eric can also avoid eating out at fast food by buying food and keeping healthy snacks in his refrigerator in his truck. Another way to eating healthy is eating at restaurants rather than a hamburger joint, that way he can get a meal consisting of foods from all food
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