Holistic Communication Skills In Nursing

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Abstract This article attempts to dwell on English communication skills useful in holistic nursing. The key to understanding of communication skills would necessarily involve paying close attention to different aspects of holistic nursing. Though this approach is old it is introduced in nursing care in 1980’s with a concept of treating a person on the whole –body, mind and soul. In an attempt to address the role of communication skills in holistic approach, it focuses on defining of holistic care and the features involved in providing holistic care to the patients. Various positive outcomes that result when applied to practice are discussed in the paper. Holism underlies the principle of understanding people by addressing the various…show more content…
Holism believes that physical repairing can be possible by attending psycho socio and spiritual needs of the patient. This type of approach is in need of different types of language skills to meet the requirements of the patients. This research paper is intended to highlight the type of communication skills useful in bringing out holistic communication. In a way to this there is a need to assess the relevance of holistic communication between a nurse and patients. This paper is aimed at highlighting how essential the communication skills are for establishing rapport, understanding the needs of the patients and planning effective intervention for meeting holistic health care. To be continually relevant, nurses have to improve their communication skills to meet the challenges of constantly changing roles and responsibilities. Thus its basic purpose is to make them understand the importance of communication skills that suit the holistic care which will guide them in their work…show more content…
These elements insist the nurse to connect with another person at a deep psycho-social and spiritual level. This approach requires the tools of holistic communication which engages the nurses to empathize, sympathize and provide therapeutic care across their cultural, spiritual and social backgrounds. The literature review documents that much patient dissatisfaction and many complaints are due to breakdown in communication. The potential communication can well be established by regulating patient’s emotions, feelings, ideas, perceptions and expectations. This study explored the psychosocial care and the potential barriers that come across during the nursing care. The researcher addresses the ways to establish holistic communication and impact of it on patients’ recovery. Various issues were discussed and finally benefits of effective holistic communication are discussed. The research article concluded how to meet the challenges of establishing effective communication skills among nursing
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