Holistic Development In Young Children

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holistic is an important word that is often used in a health and social care context. it is also important in the education arena and you will come across it relatively often. Holistic means of the whole it refers to the fact that anything and everything is the sum of its parts not just one part or another.
Babies to toddlers 0-3 years; although much of physical development in children comes the way that nature intended providing then with opportunities to support their development means that they do it healthily and at the rate that is suitable for the individual. Babies develop very quickly indeed and although physical control does not come as part of the package they have built in reflexes that enable them to survive. This include things
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Playing with other children and socialising through imaginative play is one of the ways young children continue to develop their identities. Imaginative play including role playing and inventive games also helps them to develop the way they see the different roles in their lives such as mummy, daddy teacher, doctor and so on. As a period of development the early primary years are huge children become more skilled at using numbers and words and because they are toughly absorbed in expanding their world they ask many questions about it.
Adolescence 12-19 years; at this age of development strength is added to childrenâ€TMs growth. many girls will be already in the swing of regular periods and breast growth and boys now begin to go through puberty properly .there are often big differences in heights and strengths for both genders. Although adolescences tend to look like adults they can have variable self esteem and young people are often very vulnerable. They tend to want independence from adults and typically spend a lot of time with friends of the same age but often still behave childishly. Their lack of experience in life in general still means they will be vulnerable and they tend to vary in emotional maturity which governs the way they deal with everyday issues as well as their interactions with other
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Rate of development means the speed at which they develop. Development can refer to physical development, cognitive development. it is important that we understand the difference between the two is that while typical children follow the same pattern of development, they may reach the milestones at different ages depending on the child and a range of personal and external factors that may affect them. Developments tend to be divided into different areas but it is important to remember that all areas of development are connected with each other. Sometimes a child development may appear to be significantly different from their peers. Children who are physically different from their friends can sometimes be singled out or treated differently and it is factors like this that can hinder their development in other areas. All the children in a class will be at the same development stage it is important for teaching purposes that activities encompass a range of skills and abilities so
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